Friday, 29 October 2010

Fast zwei Monaten!

So I'm still alive. And you've probably wondered if I went back or something happened, because it seems that after a week I had nothing else to tell. Well, to be honest, I actually had. And a lot. I just didn't feel much like it. Writing is not easy, and much less when you're not thaat inspired. Besides I also have my journal, and like 10 messages in Facebook with my family and friends, so I had to write each expierience like zillions of times. And believe me, I'd opened Blogger quite a few times only to say "uhh, maybe later.." and then close it again. But here I am again, trying to keep the promise I had with myself of writing on my blog till I come back home. And trying to keep you informed about my exchange student life.

Well first of all, I entered school. The so-long-dreaded day came only 9 days after my arrival. It didn't turn out thaat bad. I'm not gonna lie; I expected some kind of dreadful, never-ending nightmare that only happens in movies in which everyone would stare at you as if Iyou were an alien, laugh at you and you'd have to sit alone at the break. Well first, everyone is nice here. It was -no, actually it still is- kind of hard because they do not feel too comfortable speaking English (most of them, I think) so they'd rather just not talk to you. But if I go and say something, then they can start talking. However this is just too hard for me. I try, though. Second, the breaks are so short that you don't even sit somewhere you just stand or stay at the classroom, studying. Which is something I really miss about my school back in Mexico. Here, everyone(and by everyone I mean absolutely EVERYONE) studies in the breaks! Yeah that is probably the reason why Germany is one of the most developed countries. But still, I do not like it. School's gotten pretty boring though. I do not have marks because, well, I DON'T SPEAK GERMAN! So what's the point. Besides, I was placed in the 10th class, and I've already done that in Mexico so why would I ever need them? So no one expects me to do anything. I copy when they write on the board but that doesn't happen in every class, so I just sit there, staring at the window, or reading a book. (I've read one already and am about to finish the 2nd one, which has almost 700 pages and small text!) Either way, days are loooong and boring. Thank God next week are holidays!

I also went to the Oktoberfest! It was awesome! Like a HUGE carnival where you can eat all kinds of yummy food, beer (I must say I don't drink too much, so I'm not a big fan of beer. Don't expect me to say it was the best part) ride on roller coasters, and listen to Bavarian music! <3 I even got to wear a dirndl! (Bavarian typical dress). And it's so easy for me to go to Munich that I went 5 times! Haha it was awesome!

Erich, the guy from the US, went home. And it's a shame because I think he should've given it more time, but well, it was his decision. Now, because of that, a girl from Australia will come in January, and she seems so nice! I emailed her yesterday and she answered, and I have a feeling we'll end up pretty good friends :). Also, because of that, I will have to change host families like a month earlier because she's coming. And in May I will move to my third ost family. Yes, THIRD. It's brazilian Julia's host family right now and they're nice so I'm not scared or worried about that.

I went with Julia (brazilian) and her host mom to Schloss Neuschwanstein. BELIEVE ME, it's not as difficult to pronounce as it seems. In case you have no idea of what I'm talking about, just scroll the page to the top and there it is. BEST. CASTLE. EVER. Built by Ludwig II in the 19th century I think. But it was never finished. And the landscape is soo beautiful! I almost died when I saw it. I've been in love with that castle since I was young, even before I knew it was in Germany. It was the inspiration for Disney World's castle! This is a picture I took:

I also went to a Bayern München game which was soo awesome! The Arena is amazing! It was a shame though, that they ended 0 - 0. It was against Köln. But it was still nice! :)

Another nice place I went to was Oberammergau. A small town in the Alps that's famously known because of its Passionsspiele. A play, made only every 10 years about the Passion of Christ. It started because of a promise they did about 400 years ago with a plague, and since then every 10 years from May to October there's the play. My Rotary Club gave me as ab irthday present (my birthday was 30th of September) a trip there and a chance to see the play which was absolutely awesome! Even if it was in German.

I also had the next weekend a Rotary weekend with the exchange students! OMG they're sooo awesome! I'm friends with like everyone and I looove them! Good thing is that I get to see them again this Sunday cause we're going to BERLIN! :D It will be soooo cool!

Exchange students in D1840

And then the next week me and Julia (brazilian) went with our Rotary Club to a small town in the South of Austria. Only 20 minutes awy from Slovenia! It was soo cool! There were a lot of vineyards for it is a wine-producing town. And it was sooo beautiful!

And in case you're wondering what the title of this post means, in exactly one week it'll be that I've been here for TWO MONTHS! So right now I can only say "Fast zwei Monaten" or "Almost two months". Yeahh my German is getting better I can understand if people talks to me slowly and have slow basic conversations, so it's fine. And on the 15th my German course starts! Finally!

And totally random and off-topic but it's just 19 days until HARRY POTTER comes out!!! OMG I'm gonna dieee! I already bought my tickets and it's in an English cinema!! So I won't have to sit for 2 hours wondering what they are talking about and listen to a terrible translation :). OHHH I can't wait!! :D

So I think that's everything I had to tell, and well I'll tell you about Berlin in the next post. (Hopefully I won't be too lazy this time and I'll post before 2011! haha just kidding. I WILL.)

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